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Hey there! I'm Michael, the dedicated lead videographer at Michael Kelly Weddings, operating right here in Perth, Western Australia. My expertise lies in wedding videography, and I'm thrilled you are considering us to be a part of your journey.

My approach to wedding videography is simple: I'm all about crafting lasting memories. I believe in getting to know the couples I work with so I can authentically capture their story.

With the wedding planning hustle, I've streamlined our process to keep things hassle-free. This means you can focus on enjoying your engagement, knowing that this crucial aspect is in safe hands. The end result is a beautiful keepsake you'll treasure for years to come.

Michael Kelly out on a wedding shoot holding drone and dressed in green and black
happy couple just married with the sunlight between them in golden hour
using latest camera to film the light in between a couple of newlyweds

Collaboration is key in what we do, especially with fellow vendors and photographers. Working seamlessly together ensures a smooth day where everyone's needs are met flawlessly.


When you bring us on board, you're bringing on someone to capture those special moments, allowing you to truly experience your big day. Being a part of weddings is an honor we hold dear. It's your day, not ours, and we make it a point to blend in and let the day unfold naturally. We'll be there in the background, capturing candid moments, and if needed,  ready to lend a hand.

A little about me – my background in primary school teaching has surprisingly been a great asset in filming weddings. It's given me skills to work with all ages and a knack for organization behind the scenes, making sure everything flows seamlessly.


Thank you for considering Michael Kelly Weddings to be a part of your story. It would be a true pleasure to capture your special day in the most genuine and heartfelt way.

flying the drone and entertaining the kids at a wedding in perth WA
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